Peanut Cookies For Chinese New Year


Many families have a New Year's tradition of making peanut cookies CNY. The peanut cookies are made with peanut paste and shaped like gold ingots (a symbol of wealth), which according to Chinese culture is the most important thing to have in life.

Peanuts can be substituted for other nuts such as almonds or walnuts in some areas.

Peanut is considered a lucky food, so peanut cookies CNY are made for the New Year's celebration.

Peanut cookies, because of their round shape and gold colour, also represent a happy and harmonious family.

To keep their golden colour, the peanut cookies must be fried before baking in the oven. Peanut cookies should be stored in an airtight container because they absorb moisture and change texture.

Peanut cookies can be improved by using peanut butter instead of peanut paste.

The majority of the peanut cookies are made by elderly people who bake large batches and share them with neighbours and family members. This keeps peanut traditions and customs alive and well in families.

There are peanut cookies shaped like ingots, gold bars, and flowers, among other things. Different types of peanut cookies have different connotations. For example, a peanut cookie with two layers of peanut paste and one layer of peanut butter is considered a wedding sign, whereas a three-layer peanut cookie represents the birth of a child.

Peanut cookies are also consumed during the Qingming Festival, which occurs in April.

Chinese peanut cookies differ from peanut butter cookies in that peanut paste is used instead of peanut butter in the recipe. To make peanut paste, grind roasted peanuts or peanut butter into a fine powder, then combine the powder with honey until the consistency is smooth and thick enough.

Peanut cookies are extremely simple to make and can be stored for months.

Chinese peanut cookies bring good fortune and wealth to those who already have it.

Because peanut is the main ingredient in these peanut cookies, they are typically consumed without milk or tea. Peanut cookies can be eaten as a snack between meals or as a dessert.

Peanut cookies make an excellent gift; they are cute and bite-sized, making them easy to transport.

Because peanut is considered the luckiest food in China, peanut butter has evolved into a special type of prepared food rather than simple butter or cooking oil, as most other peanut butters are.

Peanut butter cookies are made by combining peanut butter with flour or egg, then frying and baking in the oven. The peanut butter cookies made in this manner taste delicious and can be stored for a long time.

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Peanut cookies also bring prosperity into the homes of those who already have it. Peanut cookies can keep their flavour for up to a year.

For the New Year's Eve celebration, peanut cookies are peanut butter shaped into golden bars or peanut shaped ingots.

There is no such thing as the "best" peanut cookie because different peanuts have different tastes, so it is best to try a variety of peanut brands before settling on a favourite peanut cookie brand.


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